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Door Skins: Architectural/Non Residential

By combining deep veneer expertise with responsive manufacturing capabilities, our goal is to be a preferred and trusted supplier of customer specified grades, sizes and quantities of Architectural/Non- Residential wood door skins to wood door manufacturers.

Hardwood door skins for the Architectural/Non-Residential Wood Door industry are available. Door skins are 2-ply, 1/8" thick panels that form the backer (HDF - High Density Fiberboard) and hardwood veneer surface (1/42" to 1/50" thick) of  1- 3/4" thick wood doors that are found in all varieties of commercial buildings. Building types include educational buildings, medical/care facilities, office buildings, sports arenas/stadiums and government buildings. Widths range from 1'6"  to 4' wide and 6'8" to 10' long. The HDF backer qualities allow use on fire rated wood and environmentally certified doors. Here again, the available hardwood veneer species available is practically endless.


Standard Thickness, Width and Length -  Door Skins

Thickness: 1/8"

Widths: 1'-6", 2'-0", 2'-6", 3'-0", 3'-6", 4'-0"     

Lengths: 6'-8", 7'-0", 8'-0", 8'-6", 9'-0", 10'-0"

*  Intermediate width and lengths available - Inquire


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